Innovation by Air Systems

List of New Technology Products to Benefit Our Customers
Developed and patented by Henk Schuiling of Air Systems

Cyclone AirReceiver:    Large cyclonic water separator trap and storage vessel
Tornado SideCharge, – UnderGround, – Portable:    Cyclonic water separator traps
Tornado BlueTrain – Cyclonic water separator traps for train brake systems
Hurricane TopCharge, – UnderGround:     Usage point water separator traps
Whirlwind Accessories: Brackets, mobile air treatment devices, pneumatic slurry pump anti cavitation control, etc.

You benefit by having custom designed machines and equipment build with the best and latest technologies and methodologies

Custom Diesel Driven Compressor

Custom Control Panel

Custom Electonic / Pneumatic Control Panel

Enzime Spray Conveyor. Air, Electric, Vacuum

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